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10 Best Basketball Shorts – Reviews and Beginners Guide 2019

We all know that basketball involves running, jumping, and moving around the court. As such you’ll need to wear a pair of shorts that do not restrict your movements.

Fortunately, finding basketball shorts is easy since the market has shorts of all sizes, material, prices, color, and weight. They even come in different designs!

BUT…how do you ensure you choose the best basketball shorts for your specific needs?

In the following post, we’ll take you through everything you need to know on how to select the right basketball shorts.

Plus, we’ll give you reviews of the 10 best shorts you’ll find on the market today.

Why Special Shorts?

Why shouldn’t just play the basketball game with just any other pair of shorts? Why don’t you just use any other pair of shorts?

The answer simple;

Shorts meant for basketball are designed in such a way that they don’t limit your movement when doing your thing in the court. They give you the freedom of movement which makes you feel more comfortable as you jump and run all over the basketball court.

The problem with not being comfortable while playing the hoops game is that it becomes extremely hard for you to give it your full focus.

Unlike the regular shorts, these special shorts for basketball come with a longer and baggier room to give you as much room as you need. Their significant amount of inseam contributes to full range motion.

When you wear the coolest basketball shorts, your self-confidence on the court will also shoot up!

If you combine comfort, 100% full concentration on the game, and self-confidence, you’ll play like a champion and win like a champion.

Now let’s turn our heads to the 10 super-cool basketball shorts available on the market today.

Our Best Basketball Short Reviews:

1. NIKE Men's Layup 2 Shorts

Opening our list is the Nike Men's Layup 2 black basketball shorts. The shorts measure 11 inches long and fall just over the knees to make you feel super-comfortable in them and give your all to the game.

The short is made using 100% polyester material to give them the quality they need to last longer…not to forget this material is also washable, ensuring easy cleaning. The shorts also come with a pinstripe design knit into the fabric. They also present you with an internal drawcord string which you can easily adjust to get a more customized, secure fit.

Thanks to the pockets placed on each side of these shorts, you’ll enjoy convenient storage for smaller gear and other items like keys, wallet, etc.

The 11-inch inseam is sure to offer you full range motion in all directions, enabling you to perform your jumps, dunks, etc., with the ultimate comfort.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% polyester
  • Pinstripe design knit into the fabric
  • Elastic waistband w/internal draw cord
  • check
    Side seam pockets
  • check
    11-inch inseam for unrestricted motion
  • check
    Iron-on swoosh design trademark

2. Adidas Men's Basketball 3G Speed 2.0 Shorts

Adidas Men's Basketball 3G Speed 2.0 Shorts will also allow you to dive hard to the hoop without feeling like you’re being held back. The simple fact that this pair of shorts comes from Adidas means it’s made of quality and quality.

Priced a bit higher than the previous shorts, this pair also comes designed from patented climate fabric—the main reason why pro basketball players love it. This fabric does an excellent job of easily and quickly wicking away moisture to ensure you remain dry and comfortable during those hot days in the basketball court.

As one of the long basketball shorts, it features 12-inch inseam which offers you just the right coverage. It also has side front pockets for convenient storage. And a drawcord for tightening and loosening the elastic waist to give you the best fit for your waist.

The Adidas’ 3-stripe logo laying on the left front part is sure to make you look stylish in these shorts whenever you wear them. Keep in mind that these shots come in up to 15 color options, including red, black, blue, orange basketball shorts, and so on.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% Polyester Interlock
  • 12" inseam (size 54)
  • Climate fabric for sweeping sweat from your skin
  • check
    Side pockets
  • check
    Drawcord on elastic waist
  • check
    Triangle panel at hem

3. American Legend Mens Active Athletic Performance Shorts

At a fair cost, you can own quality and good looking pair of the American Legend Mens Athletic Performance Shorts.

Like the previously discussed shorts, this pair is also made of 100% polyester. It also boasts of integrated moisture-wicking technology which wicks away sweat as fast as it shows on your skin—keeping you dry and comfortable. What’s more, the shorts come with breathable technology to help moisture escape from your body easily.

Though these shorts offer you a shorter inseam (9 inches) than our previous shorts up there, it still delivers a comfortable coverage without limiting your movement.

The adjustable interior drawstring on the elastic waistband makes it easy for you to adjust the shorts for a more customized fit, so you don’t feel like the shorts are too tight or loose when moving around.

The included pockets on the side seam will offer you convenient storage for all your small gear and other essentials.

Unlike other shorts which are only limited to the court, these shorts are pretty versatile, and you can wear them for workouts and tennis, baseball, football, exercise training, badminton running, hiking, cycling boxing, jogging, and so much more.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • Integrated moisture wicking technology
  • Ideal for a wide range of sports
  • check
    9-inch inseam for comfortable coverage
  • check
    Pockets available on the seam side
  • check
    Adjustable internal drawstring

4. Under Armour Men's Raid 10" Shorts

Under Armour Men's Raid 10" are long basketball shorts designed to give you a whole new experience in the court. The pair is made of 90% polyester and 10% elastic and comes fully customized around comfort, style, and performance.

The shorts boast of the ultra-soft, smooth HeatGear fabric which offers you soothing comfort and lightweight feel. It also comes with Moisture Transport System which helps quickly wick away sweat on your skin to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the game.

With the looser fuller cut and 4-way stretch construction, this pair of shorts will grant you maximum flexibility and unrestricted movement whenever you step in the court.

Other features worth a mention in these shorts include incorporated UPF 30+ protection against the harmful UV sun rays, 10-inch inseam for comfortable coverage, anti-odor technology, mesh hand pockets, adjustable interior drawcord for a secure fit, and UA logo on the front lower right for a stylish appearance.

The shorts come in dozens of color options for you to pick from.

Highlighted features:

  • Fuller cut for total comfort
  • Ultra-soft, smooth and lightweight gear
  • 4-way stretch construction for full range motion
  • check
    Mesh hand pockets
  • check
    Encased elastic waistband w/internal drawcord
  • check
    Material wicks sweat for stay-dry experience

5. Champion Men's Jersey Short With Pockets

Champion Men's Jersey Short is made of cool and comfortable cotton jersey and is one of the most affordable basketball shorts you can find on the market. Like our previous short, it also comes in a wide range of colors to pick from.

The shorts present with a seam length of around 9 inches which will also offer you sufficient coverage and allow for unrestricted motion. They also come with an elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring to enable you to adjust it for a customized fit.

Like all the other shorts we’ve previously discussed, this pair offers you side pockets where you can conveniently store smaller items like your wallet or car keys.  Since the shorts are machine washable, cleaning them becomes quite easier.

Highlighted features:

  • Drawstring closure
  • 9-inch seam
  • Machine washable
  • check
    Adjustable internal drawstring
  • check
    Side pockets offer storage
  • check
    Signature C logo on the left hem

6. NIKE Men's Basketball Shorts

At position 6, we have one of the best Nike basketball shorts you can find on the market today. Like the previous Nike, this pair I also made of 100% polyester material for unmatched quality.

What really makes this pair of shorts an excellent choice for basketball players is the textured fabric they’re made with. Nike intelligently integrated Dri-FIT technology into the shorts to enable them to quickly wick sweat as you continue playing on the court. In other words, the shorts will ensure you remain dry and comfortable throughout the gameplay.

Another thing that makes this pair of shorts a suitable choice for you is its performance fit design. It comes with a 9-inch inseam and fall just above your knee to reduce bulkiness while offering you unmatched mobility.

Overall, these shorts feel as lightweight as good basketball shorts should be to make them comfortable to wear.

Additional features worth a mention include the on-seam pockets which provide you with convenient storage for small items and Nike’s Oversized Swoosh design logo on the left leg for enhanced appearance. Above all, it comes in an array of colors for you to pick from.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Dri-FIT technology
  • Performance fit for mobility
  • check
    Om-seam pockets
  • check
    9-inch inseams
  • check
    Oversized Swoosh design trademark

7. Southpole Men's Basic Basketball Mesh Shorts

If you’re on a tight budget, the Southpole Men's Basic Basketball Mesh Shorts are for you. 100% made of polyester, these mesh shorts feel incredibly lightweight when you wear, giving you the level of comfort you need to fully concentrate on the game.

The shorts came with an elastic closure system with a drawstring cord which you can adjust to get a more customized and secure fit.

The included side pockets will provide you with convenient storage for your small items. The shorts are machine washable, so cleaning them will not be a lot of work. Don’t forget they’re available in a variety of colors.

Highlighted features:

  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • Secure elastic closure
  • Machine Washable
  • check
    Lightweight mesh shorts
  • check
    Side pockets for storage
  • check
    Drawstring cord ensures adjustability

8. Amazon Essentials Men's Loose-Fit Mesh Basketball Short

This particular pair of basketball shorts comes as an improvement to the previous shorts from the manufacturer. After listening to the customer feedback, the manufacturer has fine-tuned it to ensure it gives you quality fit and comfort—making your sports life better.

Just like all the other shorts we’ve featured on this post, these performance-engineered shorts will give you the ultimate comfort throughout the game or workout. It comes with open-hole mesh with tricot liner for enhanced breathability. What’s more, they come with moisture-wicking rice hole mesh which quickly absorbs all the sweat produced by your body to ensure you remain cool and dry.

The loose fit design ensures the shorts offer you a full range of motion, taking your comfort even higher.

Other highlights include 8-inch inseam, internal drawcord for that you can adjust to obtain a personalized size, and bar tacked size pockets for storing your small essentials.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Open-hole mesh for breathability
  • check
    Loose fit for full range motion
  • check
    Moisture-wicking capability
  • check
    Internal drawcord
  • check
    Bar-tacked side pockets

9. ChoiceApparel Mens Two Tone Training/Basketball Shorts

If you’re on the market for the best basketball shorts with pockets, you might want to look into these ChoiceApparel Mens Training/Basketball Shorts.

Featuring an attractive price tag, these shorts come with two-tone styling, and you can even wear them around the house apart from using them in the basketball court. They’re made of the high-quality polyester material for maximum longevity.

With the integrated elastic waistband, these shorts will offer you just the perfect fit, without feeling too tight or too loose around your waist. Furthermore, they come with functional drawstrings which you can use to achieve a more customized and secure fit.

The two pockets included in these shorts provide you with convenient storage for small essentials like car keys. The shorts are machine washable for easy cleaning. And the pair comes in a variety of color options.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • 2 pockets included
  • check
    Functional drawstring
  • check
    Two-tone styling
  • check
    Elastic waistband

10. TopTie Men's Basketball Shorts

The TopTie Men's Shorts is the most affordable pair of basketball shorts on this list. So, if you’re facing hard economic times, buying this pair will not strain your finances further.

Besides affordable cost, this pair also comes with a longer inseam of up to 11 inches. This way, it’ll easily offer you the right amount of coverage while allowing for full range of motion as you do various jumps and running across the court. Add to the fact that this fabric feels light and you’ll enjoy free movement of your body when playing at the court.

Like all the other shorts we’ve discussed in this post, this pair is made using 100% polyester material for exceptional durability and comfort. Besides, the polyester comes with moisture-wicking mesh body inserts to promote free air circulation during basketball and other intense workout exercises.

On the inner side of these shorts, you’ll find a white lining which ensures the shorts don’t see through. You can easily adjust the durable waistband with drawcord to get a more customized and secure fit.

Apart from basketball, you can also wear this pair of shorts when playing football or in MMA fighting games.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% viscose knit polyester
  • Moisture-wicking inserts
  • 11-inch inseam
  • check
    Unique 2-color design
  • check
    Adjustable internal drawstring

How To Buy The Perfect Basketball Shorts?

When you set out to shop for the coolest basketball shorts, several factors must come into play to help pick just the right pair of shorts for you.

These factors include:


The first thing you should look for in basketball shorts is the type of material used to design.

It should be durable and long-lasting. It should also feel lightweight to ensure it doesn’t compromise your comfort.

A material that comes with breathable and moisture wicking properties also contributes to your overall comfort feeling.

Shorts made of machine-washable materials are a plus for you.

As we’ve seen in our top 10 basketball shorts list, polyester material is the most popular material used in the shorts due to its excellent quality.

Comfortable fit

The next thing you need to look for in the shorts is how they fit around your waist.

You want to ensure the pair you get doesn’t feel loose or too tight around your waist since this can make you feel uncomfortable and lose your concentration.

The best pair of shorts is one that comes with elastic waistband and a functional drawstring that you can adjust to get a more customized and secure fit.


Lastly, you should consider the amount of cash you need to spend on the shorts.

Shorts with a cost ranging from $20 to $40 should provide you with all the crucial features you need in basketball shorts. Anything below $20 might lack some features such as the ability to wick sweat, breathability, etc.

Obviously, the more you pay, the better a short you’ll get in terms of quality and functionality.

Final Verdict

The basketball shorts come specially engineered to offer you a full range of motion and make you feel comfortable when playing the hoops game.

Our list of the best basketball shorts will offer you up to 10 performance-engineered with great features and quality. These shorts also come with varying costs, so you’ll get a short that matches your budget.

Be sure to follow our buying guide to help you understand what to look for when shopping for your basketball shorts.

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