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How To Inflate A Basketball Without A Needle?

For you to enjoy the hoops game, your ball must be inflated to the right amount air pressure.

Inflating a basketball requires you to have an air pump with a needle by your side. However, your pump might be out of reach when you need it most, or the needle might be damaged altogether.

And this brings us to our today’s discussion:

Is there any other way you can inflate your basketball without using the needle?

The answer is YES!

In the post below, we’ll discuss with some practical methods that you can employ to inflate your ball to the recommended amount of air pressure without the needle.

1. Use a Balloon

The easiest method of inflating your basketball without a needle involves using air from a balloon.

Get a bigger and stronger balloon- say a punch balloon- and blow it up as much as you can. Then use a paper clipper/clamp to seal its lip and prevent the air from escaping.

Now, you’ll need a means of getting the air out of the balloon into your ball—you can use an extremely thin straw or coffee stirrer. Insert the straw/stirrer inside the ball and insert the other end into the inflation hole of your ball.

Release the paper clamp/clip to initiate the process of transferring air from the balloon into the ball (you can squeeze the ball to quicken the transfer process).

2. Use an air compressor

The next hack involves using an air compressor to blow up your basketball.

This is also a relatively easy process and involves using the compressed air inside the canister to inflate your basketball.

Like in our previous step, here you’ll also need to find something that can fit in the small hole of the ball. Luckily, the can comes with a small straw that easily and smoothly gets into the basketball hole.

When using this trick, make sure you do inflate the ball in air bursts as the canister tends to chill up pretty quickly.

Also, note that this method will work better for a ball that’s not entirely flat.

This method will save you for a single day; if you keep using, it might prove expensive as you’ll need to spend cash to buy a new canister

3. A pen ink tube can work as a needle

The ink tube of your pen can also act as a perfect solution for getting into the tiny basketball hole. It works if you have an air pump the needle is damaged/broken.

Remove the tube from your pen and drain any ink inside. Remove the writing point too. Make sure you keep the writing cap somewhere you can easily retrieve it as it’ll help hold the makeshift needle when inserting it into the ball.

Using a pair of scissors, cut a small piece of the tube and insert it into the writing cap.

Next, you’ll need a metal paper clip with plastic coating to make the ball tube. Take the metal paper clip, straighten it, and insert it into the ball air hole. Cut around the end sticking out and pull out the metal such that you mostly leave the plastic ‘tube’ inside the ball.

The idea now is to place the writing cap needle you’ve just made above into the plastic casing.

With someone to help you hold the fragile contraption together, you’ll be able to fill up your ball easily and quickly.

Another hack of using the ink tube is explained in the view below:

4. An Infusion ball can save you the hassle of using a needle

The popular basketball brands, like Spalding, have come up with a new design of balls, which have air pumps integrated into them.

Using this feature doesn’t need any needle, and it only involves pulling out the rubber top to reveal the pump and then pumping your ball until you ball achieves the level of firmness you want.

Final Verdict

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to inflate your basketball but don’t have the needle within reach, you can always use the hand tricks we’ve shared with you above to inflate your basketball correctly.

As you can see from the methods we’ve discussed, you’ll just need to find something that will fit inside the small air hole of your basketball for easy inflation.

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